Google Wave

Maine, 30 septembrie Google va trimite 100.000 de invitatii ......

Starting Wednesday, September 30 we'll be sending out more than 100,000 invitations to preview Google Wave to:
  • Developers who have been active in the developer preview we started back in June
  • The first users who signed up and offered to give feedback on
  • Select customers of Google Apps
    via: The Official Google Blog

Accesorii originale AUDI

Chiar o sa le cer azi catalogul pentru accesorii originale Audi. Imi plac foarte mult aceste scaune Isofix pentru copil.

iPhone OS 3.1.1 now available

Amidst all the other Apple news from today’s “It’s Only Rock and Roll” music event is the fact that iPhone OS 3.1 (or, technically, 3.1.1) is now available.


O2 Molecular Telephone

Oh fabulous simplicity. Wherefor art thou, the truest form of it? Is it the newest bricks, or the never-made sculpturals without “beer compass” applications? Judge for me! This is a concept cell phone made by Tjep Design for the O2 company. It is based on the same concept as O2, the molecularity, that is. It’s a cell-cell. Get it? It’s only got a few functions, that being on and off, a telephone mode and a text mode. It’s got a number pad and even a * symbol. And a cute little tiny screen.

via: O2 Molecular Telephone